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ARE THERE STREAKS BEHIND MY SWEEPER? When a sweeper’s basic design has not changed in over 45 years, in my opinion, it has stood the test of time. While the model has changed somewhat from generation to generation, it has maintained the basics of the original.
HOW TO AVOID CONFUSION WHEN ORDERING SQUEEGEES Often times it’s all too confusing for the person who in charge of ordering the parts for their sweeper/scrubber. There are far too many components that make up the machine to achieve efficient scrubbing.
WHAT IS THE LIFE EXPECTANCY OF MY MACHINE? There is not just one answer that can answer how long your machine will last because there are many variables that come into play.
WHAT SQUEEGEE MATERIAL SHOULD I CHOOSE? On your typical rider scrubber, there are three squeegee assemblies: rear squeegee assembly, right hand side squeegee assembly, and left hand squeegee assembly. On each assembly, there are typically two squeegees and many different materials to choose from. Some of the most common squeegee materials include the following:
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