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What type of brush should I choose? When selecting a brush for your scrubber machine, you have many options. Understanding the difference between brush types is vital in choosing the right brush. Hi-Gear has several brush types available to help you make your decision easier.  Read more in this month’s blog on brush types.
Making Maintenance Manageable The most efficient and cost-effective maintenance you can perform on your machines is typically referred to as preventative maintenance. Whether you operate one piece of equipment or one hundred, let’s take a minute to understand why establishing a comprehensive maintenance plan can help keep your business up and running!
Walk or Ride Machines, Which is Best for You? Innovation in commercial floor cleaners has resulted in a drastic decrease in the amount of manual labor required to effectively clean large buildings such a schools, warehouses and factories. 
Freedom to Buy the Parts that Fit Your Needs July is here, and it’s the perfect time of the year to celebrate your freedom! Even though the freedom to buy Aftermarket parts may not be the first thing you thought of during the celebrations this year, it can be a reliable and affordable choice for your company. Let’s take a minute to understand the differences between OEM and Aftermarket parts, and how ensuring you purchase the correct one for your machine can be a vital component to the success of your business.
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