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HOSED UP Is your floor scrubber not picking up water as it should? Hi-Gear® is here to help troubleshoot this common problem. Many different factors can contribute to your floor scrubber not working properly.
SLIPS AND SLIDES Every year, during the month of June every year we recognize National Safety Month. It is important to bring awareness to the safety of our customers, co-workers and employees so that everyone gets to go home safely each and every day. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go and the numbers don't look that good. To give you an idea I pulled some information from the web to give you an idea of the issues that are out there. 
SCRATCH THAT ITCH Increase your longevity on your equipment and especially your employees by ensuring that health problems like back and neck problems are a thing of the past. 
LET'S SWEEP AND SCRUB The bristle, brush pattern, and style of a brush make up the ingredients for the perfect brush. First, you need to identify the type of environment you need to clean, and then you need to decide if it requires sweeping, scrubbing or both.
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