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The age-old questions of: when do you replace a seat on your equipment is something equipment owners are frequently asking themselves. On one hand you want to keep your operators happy and comfortable, but on the other hand the cost of continually replacing seats can be cost prohibitive.

When I was an equipment manager, it always struck me how bad the seats were on equipment. Every once in a while I would see a lift truck or sweeper with a nice seat. I would immediately go over to it knowing that the vehicle was well taken care of. Why do we wait so long to replace the seat?  Do we want to simply get our money’s worth out of it? I think it’s more that we are just budget conscious and want to hold off until the last minute, or we just let it go until the operator starts to complain about the condition of the seat.

Any way you look at it seats should be inspected as often as other parts of equipment. These operators who are on an eight-hour shift may sit on the equipment for up to seven hours. They do this day in and day out. I would think you would want to keep your employees happy. Seats in poor shape are irritating and distracting and cause more harm than good. You want your operator to always be focused on the task at hand. Keeping the seat, suspension, and pad in good shape are important for the safety and the longevity of your machine.

So to all of you out there you need to check your equipment for seat damage. Extreme tears or rips should NOT be allowed. If your seat has more repair tape than original seat covering then it needs to be replaced. If the inside stuffing is coming out then that would be extreme, and yes that seat needs to be replaced. Check not only your sweepers and scrubber but all your other equipment as well. Our selection of seats for a wide range of makes and models is available here:

So make that operator happy!  You’ll be glad you did and your operator will thank you.



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