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When it comes time to perform maintenance on your sweeper machines, the two most emphasized parts to replace and maintain are the brushes and brooms. The same thing could be said for the scrub head and squeegee on your scrubber machine. However, an integral part of your machine that is commonly overlooked is the filter. Filters may have a small profile, and in some cases a small impact on your company’s bottom line, but can save your company hundreds or even thousands in human and financial capital.

Just like the machines themselves, there are a wide variety of filters including oil, air, vacuum, hydraulic, and fuel filters, all of which must be regularly maintained. There are a number of factors that dictate the most important filters on your machine to maintain properly. Fuel type, brand, age, and environment the machine is being used in, all impact how often your filters need to be cleaned or replaced. The air and oil filters are two of the most important filters in sweeper/scrubbers.

Air filters are vital to replace on sweeper/scrubbers to maintain proper air filtration of the machine, which in turn, improves indoor air quality. Your air filter is preventing dust and other small particles from reaching the machine’s engine. Dirty filters may cause engines to have poor air flow, which can result in increased fuel consumption and inadequate performance. Clogged filters may cause other parts of the machine to break or become faulty, causing premature wear. This can result in increased maintenance/operating costs, while decreasing the machine’s total run time.

Oil filters can be just as vital to increase performance of the engine while reducing wear, by removing contaminants and debris from your machine’s oil.  If the oil is left unfiltered for too long, it can cause residue build up the engine, or lead to damage of other parts around the engine. Clogged oil filters can cause oil pressure to reduce, increasing the risk of a more serious and expensive repair. Dirty oil filters can result in increased fuel consumption, which leads to poor fuel economy and higher costs.

Properly functioning air and oil filters will allow your sweeper/scrubber machine to perform at its highest capability. This will ensure a safe work environment for your employees by eliminating hazardous debris and wet spots, leading to a decrease in the number of workplace injuries that stem from slips and or falls.  Shop our wide selection of filters today to keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively.

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